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123, new road, New York, USA

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samplecarrental.com is a live demo of a car rental company integrated with car rental software provided by car rental solutions and designed by MLG Web Design. On this car rental website, you can add new or change locations, vehicle pictures, rate and coupon codes, all charges or extras, black-outs, etc. Visit control panel and reservation system features..

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Car Rental Reservation System

Request a demo, and we will give you a user and a password so you can login and make any changes to a demo website. In the demo website, your customers can make, edit or cancel a reservation. You can view the reservations on the control panel and print rental agreement when the customer arrives at your agency. Car rental Solutions is a web based car rental software system.

Check out these specials in Los Angeles

$30.00 per day
$200.00 per week
$479.00 per month
$36.80 Total (tax incl.)
$121.00 per day
$399.95 per week
$134.63 Total (tax incl.)
$79.95 per day
$299.95 per week
$999.99 per month
$90.50 Total (tax incl.)
Unlimited miles available
$39.99 per day
$142.95 per week
$47.54 Total (tax incl.)